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Jake Reimer

Jake Reimer is a Canadian Artist that has been writing songs, producing music, beats, graphic design, and diverse forms of online content through various names and incarnations. In a time determined to box artists into restricted labels, Reimer breaks the mold and has had the virtue and courage to stretch his artistic reach where his creativity and imagination may take him.
Those interested in his Rock & Roll endeavors can dig into Voltang's two studio albums: 2015's Hermaphrodite and 2016's Bad Sounds. Reimer fearlessly fronted this band and toured nationally twice promoting the group's two albums.
Reimer's diversity can be further exemplified through his unique approach to social media and his sensibility to the use of modern technology, seldom seen in other contemporary Avant-garde artists. This could be manifested either on an acoustic love song, lo-fi beats, or his brilliant remixes of classic video game soundtracks.


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