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Harm & Ease

Harm & Ease is a Rock & Roll band  made up of Rylan Whalen (vocals), Danny Lopez (guitar), John Goodblood (Bass/Guitar) and Ilan Amores (drums).

Founding members Danny Lopez and Rylan Whalen originally met their first year of high school. In the predictable suburbs of Burlington, Ontario is where they swiftly began a musical relationship. Harm & Ease was officially formed in 2010 as an acoustic project. Allowing them to explore a more melodic vibe, not present in the metal scene currently enveloping the area. Eventually fate would find Lopez, along with his family, being uprooted with little warning. Finding themselves in Buenos Aires, Argentina. However this wasn’t enough to separate the songwriting duo. Dedication, sacrifice and a hell of a lot of plane rides kept the artistic pair inseparable. In fact, it propelled them into their next stage.

The band recorded and performed at a professional capacity based out of Buenos Aires, Argentina for their first two albums "Wonderful Changes" and "Black Magic Gold". Harm & Ease channels the Rock & Roll giants of the 60s and 70s and passes it through their own modern filter, creating a sound that comes across as fresh, yet familiar and steeped in the roots of classic music and songwriting. They have recently recorded a single with Grammy award-winning producer Joe Cicarelli (Elton John, The Foo Fighters, Morrisey, The Raconteurs titled "Nothing More Than Love".



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