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Gabriela Bee

Gabriela Bee is a YouTube and social media sensation residing in Toronto Ontario, Canada.
She first achieved internet fame in 2013 creating Vine videos at the early age of six being apart of the widely successful family vlog and comedy outlet “The Eh Bee Family”.
From the age of 12, Gabi has astounded audiences at Wembley Stadium and other festivals with crowds as large as 100,000 while touring with band “Walk Off The Earth” Today, at the age of 16 Gabriela has already cemented herself as one of the most coveted rising stars in music.
Gabi is gaining incredible momentum coming off her co-release with UK Artist Prinz. Their song “Highs and Lows” has surpassed 30 million streams in the last 2 months and is still streaming over 400,000 a day. The song was #1 on the UK hip hop charts this past week.
With an awe-inspiring following of over 14 Million fans and billions of views, Gabriela has emerged as a global sensation and there are no limits for this young creative and multi-talented Artist.



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